Every year, ISACA awards the best Master’s Thesis written in a Dutch institution within the IT-Domain (Information & Communication Technology). If you have recently written your Master’s thesis on a IT-related topic while enrolled in a Dutch educational institution, send us your thesis before 1st of November 2020 and you may receive an award and a cash prize of € 1,500. –

Both students and supervisors can apply for the ISACA Thesis Award by sending a digital version of their thesis to the secretary of the ISACA Thesis Award. Only master thess finished in the calendar year 2019 within the field IT/Assurance will be taken into consideration.


  1. Thesis written within in the IT-domain (Information & Communication Technology)*;
  2. Thesis within the calendar year 2019;
  3. Enrolled in a Dutch educational institution;
  4. Self-nominations are allowed.

*Thesis with the subject matter Information Security are excluded for the award and will forwarded to award committee of the Joop Bautz Information Security Award.

The deadline for submission is 1 November 2020. Submit the thesis by sending an email to the jury of the Thesis Award: ln.tneveksir@liame.

Provide the following details with your submission:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Educational program
  • Grade
  • Name of the thesis supervisor (with his/her contact information)
  • Short motivation stating the relevance of the thesis for the ISACA RISK EVENT (150 words max.)


Submit the thesis and the information mentioned above by sending an email to the jury of the Thesis Award: ln.tneveksir@liame onder vermelding van ThesisAward.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All individuals or organisations are eligible to receive this award. The candidate need not be a member of the ISACA NL to be considered for the award In the case of individuals, nominees with a criminal record will not be considered.
  2. Self-nominations are allowed.
  3. A Thesis written about the subject information security are excluded and will be forwarded to award committee of the Joop Bautz Information Security Award.
  4. Joop Bautz Information Security Award.
    • The Conference Committee is responsible for the adjudication process in respect of the candidates nominated. The Committee will make a recommendation to the ISACA NL Board of directors as to the proposed award winners. In the event that a nominee does not meet the criteria in respect of an award, the Conference Committee and ISACA NL Board of Directors reserve the right not to confer the award.
  5. The Committee bases its recommendation to the ISACA NL Board of directors on the following:
    • review of documentation provided by the candidate’s nominator;
    • to the extent necessary, any supplementary information provided by the nominee;
    • to the extent necessary, the observations of the candidate’s listed references; and
    • to the extent necessary, interviews conducted with the nominated candidate.
  6. The determination of the awards winners is at the sole discretion of the ISACA NL Board of directors. The decisions reached are final and are not subject to appeal or review.
  7. There is no obligation to make the award in any year. Awards are made based on merit. The number of awards to be made in a single year is left to the discretion of the Conference Committee and Board of directors.
  8. Travel and accommodation costs: In the event that the nominee is shortlisted, the Chapter will cover the cost of their attendance at the event at which the award is presented. All other costs incurred by the nominee, not limited to but including travel and accommodation costs, will be for the sole expense of the nominee and will not be covered by the Chapter.

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